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No matter what kind of steel building you might need, we are here to help. Steel Buildings UK offer a simple and straightforward process designed to limit the amount of time you spend on ordering a Steel Framed Building. Using a high-tech piece of software designed by structural engineers, we can design, create and piece together your bespoke steel building in a timely fashion.

Thanks to relationships we've built with some of the UK's most prominent and respected manufacturing firms, you can rest assured that every product in our range meets the highest standards possible. Also, these relationships mean we can keep our costs down and pass on the savings to all our customers.

Regardless of what you need, our expert team are always waiting by the phones to help. Whether you're looking to construct an industrial unit, commercial building or even something as simple as a double garage, get in touch today for further information.

Steel Framed Building Types

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To protect your investment, we highly recommend employing our steel erectors to ensure a professional finish.
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Why chose us for your Steel Frame Buildings?

For any steel frame building requirement, whether that be a commercial unit, an industrial building or simply a double garage we will endeavor to provide you with the UK's most cost-effective quotation, incorporating the very best components within 24hrs. Our Metal buildings can be used effectively in many different industries from rural and industrial to retail and automotive.

  • We have a dedicated team in in place to arrange everything from planning permission and design to supply and construction.
  • We have over 20 years' experience in the steel frame building industry. With on-going partnerships with many of the leading manufacturers and suppliers.
  • We can offer a supply only service if you wish to self-build your new steel building.
  • We can arrange if required finance for any new steel framed buildings.
  • Our metal buildings will withstand the worst UK winter weather - it's been proven!

Benefits of Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are a top choice for a range of purposes. They offer a great deal of benefits, which SteelBuildingsUK is always happy to shout about. If you are unsure whether a steel frame building is the right choice for your project, you should take note of some of these top benefits.

Steel Building Prices Online

If your looking for steel building prices online, then we can help provide a free-no-obligation quote.


One of the top advantages of using steel frame buildings is the cost. Compared to other materials, building with steel can save you a lot of money. Even when bespoke buildings are designed from scratch, the use of steel makes a project much more cost-effective than other options.

Shorter Construction Time

Building with steel also makes a construction project quicker than one that utilises other materials. Steel buildings can be erected quickly, especially when using expert teams with our experience.


Our buildings offer one of the most durable options for anyone looking for a weatherproof, long lasting solution. They will stand up to storms and high winds and are well-suited to commercial, industrial and agricultural uses.

Expert Advice on Your Steel Building

When you work with SteelBuildingsUK to realise your steel construction project, you can be sure that you will receive expert advice. Our experienced team can offer:

Bespoke Design

We use high-tech software to design your project from scratch so that you have everything you need.

Relationships with Key Suppliers

Our relationships with suppliers enable us to get the best products and deals for you.

Advice Over the Phone

Use our freephone number to call and chat to our sales advisors. They can help you with whatever you need and offer advice on the best choices for your project.

Popular Applications

Steel buildings have a range of popular applications due to their immense practicality. Some of the industrial, commercial and residential applications include:

  • Workshops - for both commercial and personal use
  • Steel Garages- suitable for storing car collections, individual vehicles, or commercial vehicles
  • Showrooms - ideal for showing products, particularly larger items
  • Agricultural buildings - can be used for equipment storage
  • Storage - storage units can be used for self-storage businesses or to provide more storage for a range of purposes

Conception to Construction

Using our experienced steel erectors will help your project run smoothly, and mean your building is finished professionally. There are some excellent reasons to use our construction services, as well as design and supply services.

Communicate with One Company

Trying to coordinate several different companies at once, from designers to suppliers and construction contractors can be tough. SteelBuildingsUK can do everything you need.

Professional Finish

You might try to erect your building yourself or find a cheap deal. However, we can make sure your building has a professional finish every time.

Easier Budgeting

Staying within a budget is harder when you have to get quotes from a number of different people. If you use the same company to do everything, you can get one quote to cover it all.